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ST-650 Sinshuo CNC Lathe

ST-650 Sinshuo CNC Lathe

The position arrangement of the electronic components of the power box and the arrangement of the controller driver are arranged after analysis to effectively block the mutual interference of the electronic components, and the cold heat exchanger is used to reduce the temperature in the strong electric box and arrange neatly. It is conducive to the maintenance and repair of the strong electric box.
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Product description
Computer numerical control lathe ST-650 ST-650 Standard accessories



Name Specifications Unit Name Quantity Unit
Spindle Spindle Nose Type ANSI A 2-6   FANUC 0i -TF 1 Set

Spindle through

hole diameter

Φ79 mm 10" three-jaw chuck 1  
Cylinder clamp CR60A6 mm Halogen working light 1  

Spindle center to

working table distance

1100 mm Bar feeder interface Installed Group

Spindle center to

front door distance

460 mm Iron chip conveyor 1  


Control system

Spindle Motor Power November 15 kw Radial tool holder 2  

Spindle base

rotational speed

10 rpm Boring tool holder 5  

Spindle maximum

rotational speed

4000 rpm Tool angled plate group 10  
Spindle output torque 52.5 N-m Boring tool handle sleeve 1 Set

X-axis servo

motor power

1.8 kw Drilling head handle sleeve 1  

Z-axis servo

motor power

1.8 kw Turret water supply Installed Group
Machining range

Maximum bar through

hole diameter

Φ65 mm Foot switch 1  

Maximum machining

workpiece length

570 mm Tool bag, operating instructions book 1 Set

Maximum machining

workpiece diameter

Φ490 mm Programmable tailstock 1 Group
X/Z axis movement X-axis stroke 255 mm Special accessories
Z-axis stroke 590 mm

X/Z axis fast

moving rate

30 m/min Name Quantity Unit
Machine accuracy

X/Z axis

repeated accuracy

0.003 mm Cylindrical chuck 1  

X/Z axis

positioning accuracy

± 0.005 mm Workpiece collector 1 Group
Chip removal

Cutting water

tank capacity

150 liter Manual tool measurement 1 Set
Cutting water pressure 2.8 bar Bar feeder 1 Set
Turret Turret drive Hydraulic motor SET High pressure cooling water pump 1 Group
Number of tools 10   Vertical servo turret 1 Group

Square knife holder


□25 mm      

Boring holder


Φ40 mm      

Adjacent tool

change time (T-T)

0.25 sec      
Appearance size Length × width × height 2900×1900×2000 mm      
weight 4450 kg      
Space occupied


chip remover)

﹡Our company reserves the right to change the specification design without prior notice.