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Speed carving CNC machine, leading the plate furniture CNC industry to a new level
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Speed carving CNC machine, leading the plate furniture CNC industry to a new level

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Since its official launch at the Hannover Messe in April 2013, Industry 4.0 has quickly become another label for Germany and has triggered a new round of industrial transformation competition around the world. The truth is that Germany is not just a country in order to deal with de-industrialization, bringing Internet of Things and smart services to manufacturing. Although the formulation is different, the content is similar. The top-level design of China's manufacturing industry - "Made in China 2025" has also been launched in the first half of the year. At present, the panel furniture industry 4.0 intelligent factory project has entered the whole process of commissioning, which also represents the era of the panel furniture industry entering a new era of intelligent production!
The custom furniture industry 4.0 intelligent automation connection mainly realizes the integration of the processes of material cutting, edge sealing, drilling, sorting and packaging, thus realizing the unmanned factory production mode. As a professional manufacturer of woodworking CNC machining center products, Jinan Speed ​​Carbide CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. has started to plan the whole house custom intelligent unmanned production line in 2016, and implemented it on the ground. It was delivered to the China Science and Technology Museum in the past 17 years. 2025" show project. After years of experience, the company has been well received in the industry with advanced R&D technology and perfect after-sales service. At present, the plate type, hole material machine, six-faced drill and other products are at the advanced level in the same industry in the country, and the automatic labeling and drilling drilling center, the custom cabinet wardrobe intelligent hole material machine, the CNC six-sided drill, the CNC panel saw, the cabinet Intelligent connection, wardrobe door molding door line, multiple six-sided drilling machine connection, solid wood assembly processing center is recognized and trusted by customers.
Jinan Speed ​​Carving CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the few manufacturers in China that can carry out the planning of professional intelligent factories and provide related equipment and software. The company's CNC cutting equipment, automatic linear edge banding machine and CNC drilling and machining center, combined The customized furniture flexible processing line of automation software can truly create a one-stop solution for the production of panel cabinet wardrobes for furniture companies, and customize the customization into large-scale production. The company will formulate reasonable solutions according to the actual production situation of the furniture enterprises, which can help enterprises to quickly convert ideas and designs into products in a simpler way, with lower investment and less time, and improve the industrial automation level of the enterprise. Get rid of dependence on skilled workers and effectively improve management efficiency and production efficiency.
At present, the custom furniture industry is gradually developing towards formalization and scale. The transition from intensive labor-based factories to unmanned, intelligent and automated has become overwhelming. How to develop from stand-alone mode to automated connection mode is an urgent need for customized furniture factories. A big need to solve. Intelligent custom furniture production is the development trend of the furniture industry in the future, and it is also the only way for furniture enterprises to upgrade and transform. Not only the furniture industry, but many other domestic industries are already in such a transition period. Through digital and intelligent management, they also make their own enterprises from “big” to “strong” and “scattered” to “specialized”. The pursuit of excellence is the right way, and only the unmanned chemical plant is the appearance of the future factory.